Did you know we can take care of just the leasing for you while you can continue managing your property?

We offer the most comprehensive and cost effective management in the industry. There are bargain rate companies, but you get bargain rate service. We feel your investment is too important to take that chance. Hiring us to manage your property is wise and affordable. We offer two options: On-going management or Leasing Service only.

On-Going Management

Our on-going property management service cost is only 6.5% of each months rent. Example: $3,000(rent) x 6.5%=$195 per month

Leasing Service w/Management

To fill a vacancy the service is a separate 6.5% of one year's lease w/on-going management.

Example: $3,000(rent) x 12 (year's lease)=$36,000 x 6.5%=$2,340 (cost at move-in)

Leasing Service Only

Interested in only filling a vacancy? The service is 7% of one year's lease. Example: $3,000(rent) x 12 (year's lease)=$36,000 x 7%=$2,520 (cost at move-in)

We don’t charge for drafting additional Addendums, or lease extensions.

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